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Tweepsy is home to the UK’s biggest collection of foam ball pits for babies and toddlers. We have a huge range of ball pits available in loads of different colours and designs, as well as a massive choice of ball colours! You can get the exact look you (or your child!) wants, from corner ball pits to square.

We specialise in foam ball pits. As opposed to pop-up, foam provides a safer option that lasts much longer! You get significantly better value for your money and a high quality product that looks fantastic.

As much as your child’s enjoyment is important — and we definitely believe it is — we also think it’s essential that you love the look of the toys that are in your home. The advantage to choosing a ball pit from Tweepsy is that you can select one that suits your style as much as one your child will love. Whether you want it to fit into a certain space or are looking for a colour that isn’t too bright for your living room, you’ll be able to find the perfect one with us.

As well as ball pits, we also have teepees and play mats for toddlers and babies to create safe spaces for your child to play, learn and have fun.

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Tweepsy launched in 2018 with a vision to enable children to play in the highest quality soft and safe spaces; to explore their imagination, grow in confidence and progress their development.

Public ball pits are known for being unhygienic. Children learn by putting things in their mouths, which includes ball pit balls! Tweepsy wanted to create an at-home alternative so children could enjoy the fun of a ball pit, but in a more hygienic and safe way. Our ball pits are all very easy-to-clean so your baby or toddler can be free to lick and gum away without risk to their health!

When it comes to our ball pits, teepees and playmats, we don’t compromise on design. We want parents to love our products as much as children, which is why we offer a huge range of options including different colours and shapes. Want to explore some of our designs? Check out our black, grey or pink ball pits!

We also have a huge range of ball pit balls that come in over 40 different colours. All our ball pits are available with different ball colour combinations so you can get exactly what you want!

We are based in the UK, but deliver to locations around the globe so you can get the best foam ball pits for your baby no matter where you are!