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Foam Baby Ball Pit vs Pop-Up

Foam Baby Ball Pit vs Pop-Up

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It's a fact, kids love ball pits and it's great fun for them to splash around in the balls. But who wants to go to a soft play centre every time? Tweepsy created its baby ball pit collection so children can have the same soft play centre experience at home; in a soft, safe and contained space while mum and dad can get on with other jobs.

When we saw the children's ball pit options available to parents, we knew we could better. There are lots of cheap pop-up ball pits available on Amazon for under £20, but they are flimsy, ugly and the reviews were mixed. That's why Tweepsy ball pits are made from sturdy and soft foam, designed in a range of stylish fabrics, available in different shapes and include a large selection of different coloured balls, including simplistic black and white or colourful pinks, greens and blues.

Foam vs Pop-Up

To highlight the differences between a Tweepsy foam ball pit and a pop-up ball pit, we compared the two products, focusing on three important factors; design, durability and safety.


example of pop-up ball pits

Pop-up ball pits are usually brightly coloured and cheap looking, not the kind of toy you want to leave out on display!

Available in a range of colours, shapes and sizes

We really wanted to focus on creating a baby ball pit that parents will love too, finally a children's toy you don't need to tidy away! You can leave a Tweepsy foam ball pit out on display, because they are absolutely stunning and Instagram-worthy!

Tweepsy has five ball pits collections; Leather ball pits, Marble ball pits, Original ball pits, Palm ball pits and Velour ball pits, all available in a range of colours and shapes. We know we have the perfect ball pit to suit your home or nursery, so you can proudly display your ball pit, instead of hiding it away.


Damaged pop-ball pits, holes in fabric

Pop-up ball pits are wire frame shapes, covered in a thin plasticy material. They are designed to fold away, so they easily collapse and aren't suitable for boisterous (actually fun!) play. The material is thin, which means the seams easily come apart and big holes appear.

Children can actually support themselves and have fun

Tweepsy baby ball pits have a thick foam bottom and thick foam walls, covered in a premium fabric that is expertly stitched. The result is a very sturdy ball pit that your child can have a proper play in, without you worrying that it will collapse like a pop-up ball pit. The thick, high-quality fabrics won't tear and can be easily separated from the ball pit and washed.


Wire sticks out from damaged pop-up ball pit

The thought of a damaged children's toy hurting your baby is every parent's nightmare, unfortunately pop-ball pits are so flimsy that when they do deteriorate the wires inside will poke out like this. Pop-up ball pits are also unsuitable for hard wood floors, because there's no padding on the base. So if your baby likes wriggling around and throwing themselves about, there's a real concern that they might hit their head on the base or flip themselves out of the flimsy pop-up frame.

Close up of fabric, foam inner, CE non-toxic balls

All Tweepsy ball pits have the same basic foam frame of a 2cm thick foam bottom and 5cm thick foam walls. There is nothing metal or wired in our ball pits. Tweepsy ball pits are great for little ones to play safely on hard floors and are sturdy, so boisterous play is not a problem! Plus the foam walls are sturdy enough for little ones to pull themselves up and balance their weight while they practice standing.

All Tweepsy products are CE certified and Oeko-Tex certified, we use premium foam, high-quality fabrics and non-toxic plastic balls.

We Vote Foam Ball Pit

Of course we would, but why don't you make your own mind up. All Tweepsy orders include free delivery with pre-paid returns, so if you don't love it you can send it back for free. Plus with our buy now, pay later option (with 0% interest and no fees), you can spread the cost over 3 months.

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