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Toddler Birthday Party Ideas

Toddler Birthday Party Ideas

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When your child becomes a toddler, it’s the first time you really have to think about throwing them a birthday bash. At two, they’re much more social than at their last birthday, have their own set of likes and dislikes, and love to be the centre of attention! This means that a birthday party is essential, but it can be hard to think of fun activities. Read Tweepy’s collection of toddler birthday party ideas to give your two or three year-old a fantastic day.

When it comes to planning a birthday party, you have two choices: an at-home celebration or heading out to do a fun activity...

At Home Party Ideas

There are loads of fun toddler birthday party ideas that you can do in your home. First of all, you’ll need to invite some friends over. Chat to other parents at preschool and invite both children and parents around on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. With toddlers, it’s a lot easier to make sure parents come along too. If anyone gets too tired or upset, there’s someone on hand to help.

Once you know who’s coming, you can really start to plan your party.

Get Out The Toys

A big play party can be a fantastic choice! Get out all your child’s toys and ask other parents to bring along some extras to throw into the mix. It’s a fantastic way to have some fun with other children on your child’s birthday.

This works best when you have a bigger space, but can still be feasible in smaller rooms if you don’t invite too many other children.

Ball Pits

Ball pits and ball pit balls never fail to entertain! Whether it’s throwing the balls around or hiding in the ball pit, there’s always a game to be had. Tweepsy provides ball pits that are the perfect size to fit into the corner of a playroom; they don’t take up much space but make the perfect addition to any play party! They can also be moved into the garden if it’s a sunny day.

You can find a ball pit in your child’s favourite colour (like these pink ball pits). It would make a great birthday present too!

Toy Car Party

Get out all your toy cars and even ask friends to bring theirs. This is ideal for any toddler who just can’t get enough of zooming cars around the room - they’ll love it!

If the weather’s good, take them all out into the garden. You could use chalk to draw roads on your paving stones.

If you get your child’s friends to bring along their toy cars, be sure they don’t get mixed up. You could buy a set of small coloured stickers to ensure everyone’s cars are labelled when they arrive.

Kitchen set

Cater your party to your child’s interests and favourites. If they love their play kitchen, then why not build that into the party? You could bake some snacks together in the morning before the party then have a big indoor picnic!

Party Games

Of course, you can’t go wrong with the old classic of party games! Toddler party games might need to be a little different from older children’s, but they’re a great way to have fun with a group. Why not try: musical bumps, sleeping lions, follow the leader, or even organising a treasure hunt.

Craft Party

If your child loves creating things, you could have a craft party. This is a great way to appeal to their interests and to have a good time.

Decorate party hats

Get some plain party hats, then loads of stickers, pens, glitter glues and feathers and go crazy! Once people have made their party hats, they can put them on and play some party games.


Every child loves painting. If you have a large table, cover it with a protective tablecloth and get out all your paint pots, brushes and paper. It’s sure to get messy, but will be loads of fun!


Plasticine is great for everyone. Toddlers love the feeling of the squishy material in their hands and it’s loads of fun to make different items with it. To have a plasticine party, be sure to stock up on lots of material and provide different tools like spoons that can be used to shape the clay.

You could even send your guests home with plasticine instead of party bags!

Snacks & Cake

If there’s one thing almost every toddler has in common, it’s their love of snacks! No party is complete without food. From carrot sticks to birthday cake, make sure there’s plenty of food and everyone is sure to be happy!

In The Garden

If it’s sunny and warm, there’s no need to stay in the house. A garden party is a great way to have fun and get some fresh air. Remember if it’s particularly sunny to put on plenty of suncream!


If you have a patio garden, buy lots of chalk and let the children create outdoor art. The chalk simply washes away next time it rains but makes for a really fun party activity.

Paddling Pool

If the weather is warm enough, get a paddling pool and tell your guests to bring their swimwear. Be sure that you have a lot of adults around if you’ve got a paddling pool out.


Instead of normal party food, why not throw a BBQ. This is particularly great if you want parents to have a good time too! Get lots of toys out in the garden while the food cooks and enjoy spending time in the sunshine. Of course, make sure the BBQ is safely out of the way of any little ones.

Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is a great way to entertain toddlers. Hide gold coins or other easily recognisable items around the garden. Remember that younger toddlers might need help spotting all the items!

Going Out Party Ideas

There can be a huge number of reasons why you might not want to host a toddler’s birthday party. From finding space in your home to having to sort out all the food, they can be an organisation nightmare! Read our birthday party ideas for outside the house to make things that little bit easier.

Soft play centres

Soft play centres are a great place to have a birthday party! Often play centres will offer birthday packages that include drinks and snacks. They don’t take too much organising but are still loads of fun.

Teddy bear’s picnic

If you want to get outside, then a teddy bear’s picnic is a great idea. Get all your guests to bring along their favourite teddy bear and meet at the local park or woodland area. It’s a good idea to invite parents too to make sure that there are plenty of adults to keep an eye on things!

Make lots of sandwiches and be sure to bring the birthday cake!

Extra Tips For A Toddler’s Birthday Party

Nap Time

A lot of toddlers, especially younger ones, might still need an afternoon nap. Be sure to time your party around this. It’s best to aim for after nap-time so everyone is well rested and ready to enjoy themselves!

Short Attention Spans

Most toddlers won’t be able to concentrate on a task for too long. When you’re planning a party with activities and games, ensure there’s lots to do and plenty of changing of activities to keep everyone interested. If you’ve got a sit-down-and-concentrate task, follow it up by a more active game.

Tailor it to Them

Your toddler will have their own sets of likes and dislikes, so make sure that you tailor it to the things they love!

Still looking for that perfect birthday present? An at-home ball pit is a great idea. Explore the foam ball pits at Tweepsy for inspiration.

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